Project swissbib

As a national project, swissbib is funded by the Schweizerischen Hochschulkonferenz and swissuniversities as part of the program P2 "Scientific information: access, processing and safeguarding". The project is affiliated with the University Library Basel. For the period of 2008 to 2013, swissbib was funded through innovation and cooperation project " Digital Library Switzerland"

Participating networks and repositories

The following library networks, digital repositories and special collections are part of swissbib. Their data delivery, support and cooperation on various levels make our service possible:

  • All networks of IDS - Informationsverbund Deutschschweiz
    • IDS Basel Bern
    • NEBIS
    • IDS Luzern
    • IDS St. Gallen
  • Swiss National Library
  • RERO - Réseau des bibliothèques de Suisse occidentale
  • SBT - Sistema bibliotecario ticinese
  • Renouvaud - Réseau vaudois des bibliothèques
  • Bibliotheksverbund Alexandria
  • Aargauer Bibliotheksnetz
  • Bibliotheksverbund Graubünden
  • St. Galler Bibliotheksnetz
  • Liechtensteiner Bibliotheken
  • Bibliothèque de la Haute École de Musique de Lausanne
  • Kantonsbibliothek Thurgau und kantonale Ämter
  • Bibliotheken Schaffhausen
  • Olympic World Library
  • E-Periodica
  • e-codices - Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland
  • ZORA - Zurich Open Repository and Archive
  • BORIS - Bern Open Repository and Information System
  • SERVAL - Serveur Académique Lausannois
  • edoc - Institutional Repository University of Basel
  • ETH Research Collection
  • Forschungsplattform Alexandria
  • National Licences
  • Archival collections of the National Library
    • Catalogue collectif suisse des affiches
    • Digitalisate des Schweizerischen Literaturarchives
    • Digitalisate des Eidgenössischen Archivs für Denkmalpflege
  • HAN - Verbund Handschriften - Archive - Nachlässe

Development and design

For development and design of our website, we are supported by snowflake (Zürich).


Swissbib uses different software components to guarantee a high quality and availability of the service:

Partner and sub-projects

Swissbib sees itself as an open plateform, providing data, software solutions, and knowhow to help realise other projects. The following projects rely in different degrees on swissbib

  • swissbib Basel Bern - Regional catalogue of the network IDS Basel Bern
  • jusbib - Metacatalogue for law literature
  • - Portal for maps from libraries and archives in Switzerland
  • - Publication of Swiss library data as linked open data
  • National Licences - Private users with a permanent residence in Switzerland, have free access to National Licences after a registration.

Documentation, Project Organization, Strategy

Additional information

You can find additional information on the project and ways to contact us under the following addresses: