About swissbib

Swissbib is the catalog and data hub of all Swiss university libraries, the Swiss national library, several cantonal libraries and of other institutions. It provides a convenient, fast and comprehensive gateway to academic publications in Switzerland.

Participating institutions

swissbib and Linked Open Data

New developments for swissbib and Linked Open Data.

  • swissbib is linked with Wikidata
  • There are much more links between swissbib and external data sources about persons and organisations
  • New Version of the swissbib Linked Open Data API
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swisscovery - new discovery

As of December 7 2020 SLSP will provide swisscovery as the new discovery for resources of scientific libraries in Switzerland. swissbib will cease to update content in December and will be discontinued by the end of March 2021.

Further information will be provided on the websites of SLSP and of the participating libraries.

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