About swissbib

What is swissbib

Swissbib is a national catalogue enabling you to search the libraries of Swiss universities, universities of applied science, federal research institutions and the Swiss national library. Use swissbib for search and display of results, and the catalogue shows you, in which libraries you can get the titles found.

What do I find in swissbib

With over 30 million records, swissbib offers access to the collections of more than 900 libraries, archives, digital repositories and other institutions from all regions of Switzerland under one interface. Included are books, journals, theses, e-books, digitised content, films, sheet music as well as sound records, photographs, slides, teaching materials, language courses, and much more.
swissbib also contains scientific articles which are available to all residents of Switzerland through the project National Licences.

How do I search swissbib

Swissbib offers a simple search entry with many extra options and an advanced search. Result lists are arranged according to relevance criteria and can also be sorted by author, title, or year. The facets or filters enable you to limit the results by various criteria.

Where do I get the title desired

Behind the icon you see number and names of owning libraries. A click on the library delivers more information. If the document is an online ressource that is freely accesible, we offer a direkt link under the icon .

Under the tab "Holdings" of a record view, more information like location, callnumber and availability are shown. Here, swissbib offers links to the regional catalogues of Swiss networks, where orders can be placed. You will need to log in again.

Why log in with swissbib

Upon login in swissbib, you can personalise several settings. This includes:

  • use a history of your searches
  • define your favorite libraries as My libraries and use them as filters
  • save lists
  • configure the interface (language, list lenght)

In case you do not log in, you will loose all settings when closing the browser.

How does the login in swissbib work

As a supra-regional service, swissbib offers a login mechanism independent of libraries. There are two options:

  • switchAAI: For students and staff of universities, universities of applied science and further institutionen, we use the nationall service of switch. This login is offered by the universities and used by students for services like VPN and learning plateforms (more information).
  • SWITCH edu-ID: This account for private individuals is offered for users who do not have a switchAAI login. It is a new switch service (more information).

Why log off

At public stations you should log off and close the browser, or your account could be used by another person.

How up-to-date is swissbib

Records in swissbib are updated daily.