swissbib changes the search interface and updates its data

Which current services stop working as expected?

The update is very extensive and leads to three profound changes that affect your personal data in swissbib:

  1. The user preferences do not survive the update. Private users have to sign in anew.
  2. The personal lists as part of the old user account are deleted.
  3. The short-links to the old swissbib are no longer valid.

What changes?

On the whole there are only small changes. If you look closer there are many notable details:

  • The filter on local networks is moved from the start page to the facets of the result page.
  • The »extended search« is completely revamped.
  • New sign-in-mechanism for private individuals Info
  • result list
    • New facets to filter by year
    • Improvements for export and printing
  • hit page
    • Tweaked library display
    • Better display of multivolume works Info
    • Improvements for export and printing
    • More information on the single record if present in the data